Review of Not Our Summer by Casie Bazay

Review of Not Our Summer by Casie Bazay

Summer reading, the phrase always makes me think of hammocks and beaches. My summer reading is usually snatched early or late in the day as I succumb to all the summer outdoor activities and my gardens, not to mention work. This was not the case when I started reading Not Our Summer. I just didn’t want to put it down and powered through in a few days’ time. This is a Young Adult novel, but I found it a terrific read.

            What caught my attention and made me think you would want to read it? This is a well-crafted story with realistic young women as main characters. It is a family tradition that these girls should hate each other. Their real knowledge of each other comes only from seeing the other’s picture on the wall of their grandfather’s house. This multi-generational family feud was well orchestrated, so they didn’t have to cross paths. That is, until their Grandfather dies, and his will turns their world upside down.

            Casie Bazay helps us explore a dysfunctional family and how the hurt of one generation is projected onto the next.  The book leaves compelling ideas for discussion or deep thought. How do we build a friendship in the framework of hate? How do we push past long instilled barriers to find our own truth? What changes do we make in ourselves to form a new and better picture of our world? Can a hatred learned in childhood be undone or forgiven? Every family must explore these problems on their own for each family is different. Author Casie Bazay opens the gateway to all these thoughts and more. I won’t give any more of the storyline away. I am hoping you will be swept up in it just as I was.

            I have requested Willimantic Public Library to order a copy for their collection, they will soon. Don’t have a library card? They are free just call the library (860-465-3079) to find out how to get one and borrow all the great materials offered there.

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